Today, this building is the home of “LIDO” Restaurant & Guesthouse.

In 1875, a road was built which connected Ostrów, Przygodzice, Antonin and went on to Wrocław. By this road, in 1907, an inn was built following the Tyrolean style.

Between 1822 and 1824, a palace was built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel as a gift for prince Antoni. Frederic Chopin stayed at the palace twice: in 1827 and 1829. Thanks to the efforts of Jerzy Waldorff, the palace underwent renovation between 1975 and 1978.

In the year 1800, Antoni Radziwiłł, the son of Michał Radziwiłł, became the owner of Przygodzice and Antonin. In May, 1815, Greater Poland went back under the rule of Prussia as the Grand Duchy of Posen. The governor’s seat was given to the owner of the areas around Przygodzice and Ostrów, prince Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł.

Antonin is located in the Przygodzice municipality, Ostrowski district, Greater Poland province. Originally known as Szperek, in the 19th century its name was changed to Antonin in honor of Antoni Radziwiłł.

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